Velkommen Til Nuun ApS.

I August måned har vi haft den store glæde at sige velkommen til Agata og Paulina som sammen ejer Nuun.

Agata – Massage Therapist

I’m passionate massage practitioner since 2015, my specialization is deep tissue massage. I have great interest in dysfunctions of the pelvis, spine and shoulder. During work I use holistic approach, knowing importance of proper breathing, body posture and movement. I’m working in cooperation with the patient, his breath and nervous system to relief pain, increase range and smoothness of motion, and achieve deep relaxation on many surfaces.


2016 Deep Tissue Massage

Paulina Wisinska Massage & Manual Therapist

I was always absolutely passionate about human body, from molecular basis, physiology to integral functioning. My own experience in sports, studies of human biology and years later studies in rehabilitation massage and physiotherapy gave me a very broad understanding of processes happening in our bodies, from the base all the way to the surface which also helps me to comprehend how can we influence those processes “from outside”. I do have a strong believe that regular massage as a form of manual therapy and soft tissue manipulation is highly underrated tool which isn’t a cure itself however can greatly contribute to multiple goals – improving performance in sport, easing everyday pains or finally support the medical rehabilitation. In my daily practice I’m focusing on different layers, anatomical structures and areas of the body, I’m using elements of fascia manipulation, trigger point therapy, classic and deep tissue technics correlated with passive and active motion and post-isometric relaxation.
I’m doing my very best co keep my knowledge updated on by participating in new courses and trainings which will result with adding more of the health beneficial technics and services in upcoming time.


2015-2017 Medical vocational school at the College of Education and Therapy in Szczecin – Massage and manual therapy technician 
2017 Course in tool assisted myofascial realase technics 
2015 – now Bachelor in Physiotherapy at College of Education and Therapy in Szczecin 
2005- 2011 Biology and laboratory diagnostics at University of Szczecin